The 4 Best Moments from Lil Wayne's Deposition Video

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The 4 Best Moments from Lil Wayne's Deposition Video

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Lil Wayne recently endured a deposition.

Lil Wayne went viral yesterday when a video of his deposition, taken for his lawsuit against director Quincy Jones III, leaked via TMZ. Professional lawyers will tell you that despite Wayne's attitude, it's not a terrible deposition; the multi-platinum rapper successfully avoids answering many of the defending attorney's questions.

But whether you're a fan of Lil Wayne or not, the video is undeniably hilarious. Wayne systematically disrespects the defending attorney Pete Ross, and it's fascinating, funny stuff. Here's a look at the four best moments from the video.

Short-Term Memory and Stupid Questions - The video kicks off in high gear with Wayne, several lawyers and a judge watching a video of an interview Wayne gave with Katie Couric. After the video ends, Quincy Jones III's attorney asks Wayne whether he was the person in the video. Wayne's response immediately shows how seriously he's taking the deposition.

WAYNE: Is that an interview I actually gave with Katie Couric? What's your name again?

(someone off camera give Pete Ross's name)

WAYNE: Pete Ross, that's a stupid-a** question.

As the interview goes on, Wayne claims that he doesn't know the answers to many of Ross's questions, most of which involve Wayne's personal life.

ROSS: Did you perform at the Virgin Mobile Music Fest in 2008 with Kanye West?

WAYNE: I don't know, but I do know that I performed at this bad-a** b**ch birthday party recently. She was crazy, stupid thick.

Dodging The Question - Lil Wayne also shows that he's adept at dodging questions throughout the video.

ROSS: How would you describe your image in the media?

WAYNE: How would I describe my image in the media?

ROSS: Yes.

WAYNE:I wouldn't describe it.

ROSS: Well, how would you describe it if you had to?"

WAYNE: I don't have to.

Wayne Speaks with God - Ross can't even get Wayne to name one of his business associates at one point in the video. While Ross keeps asking Wayne who would "handle" something (the clipped version of the video doesn't give a clear idea of what they're discussing), Wayne gets religious.

"The first person likely that would have been told by me would be God, because I tell him everything," Wayne says.

"God, G-O-D," Wayne says angrily when asked to repeat himself.

Weird Pseudo-Threats - With Wayne's current image as a pop star and occasional R&B Crooner ("How to Love"), it's sometimes hard to remember that half of his lines are threats. He certainly had no problem bringing his thuggish persona into the courtroom during a particularly alarming exchange towards the end of the video.

WAYNE: You know he can't save you, right? In the real world That guy right there. He can't save you in the real world. Just so you know.

ROSS: What does that mean?

WAYNE: I don't have to elaborate.

ROSS: Is that a threat against me?

WAYNE: No, sir, it's not. No, it's not.

(TMZ's video then cuts to a clip from later in the deposition.)

WAYNE: He can't save you.

ROSS: And what does that mean?

WAYNE: I was talking to myself.

What are your favorite lines from Lil Wayne's deposition? Share them below.

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