'30 Rock' to Leave the Air After Next Year -- A Look at Their Funniest Guest Stars

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"30 Rock" has been providing non-stop jokes and laughs for six seasons, and number seven will be its last. NBC has confirmed that the veteran comedy will have a thirteen episode arc next year that will culminate in its series finale next Spring. The show is already running in syndication on Comedy Central, and the rumors had been flying since one of the show's co-stars, Alec Baldwin, had tweeted hints that next year would be the show's last.

One reason the show has been so popular has been their ability to land A-list talent to come on and guest-star in hilarious roles that often cast them either against type or poke fun at their public personas. The show places itself in a universe with a slightly twisted reality, and guest stars seem to love the chance to be a little silly in their performances. Here now are some of the funniest "30 Rock" guest stars.

Elizabeth Banks as Avery - The blonde bombshell co-star of "The Hunger Games" has comedy chops and then some. She's been in films like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," and "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." On "30 Rock" she plays the ice-cold Conservative news anchor wife of Baldwin's character, Jack Donaghy. Banks plays the buttoned-up broadcaster to a tee, exuding power and confidence while also delivering often scalding satirical lines written by Tina Fey or one of the show's other writers.

Jon Hamm as Dr. Drew Baird - Over the years, Liz Lemon has had a string of breakups. Hamm's role work as the charming, extraordinarily handsome Dr. Baird is one of the best guest roles in the show's history. As Liz finds out, sometimes extremely attractive people live in a bubble where they can do no wrong, despite having massive shortcomings. Over the years, Hamm has come back to reprise his role here and there, and last we saw him, he had two hooks for hands. Let's hope we see him one more time next year.

Matt Damon as Carol - For a time, we all thought that Liz was actually going to find real happiness with Damon's airline pilot character Carol. Sure, they had some issues to work out, but they were so much alike we figured all of the baggage that Liz carried would be fine by Carol since he had much of the same baggage himself. Alas, it was not meant to be, but the breakup of Carol and Liz was so perfectly played out of an entire episode's arc that it was hard to feel that sad about the relationship ending.

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