'30 Rock' Goes Live Again in April

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'30 Rock' Goes Live Again in April

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'30 Rock' Goes Live Again in April

Once again the fearless cast of 30 Rock will venture where few other sitcoms have gone before -- a live taping.

30 Rock Hazes Hazel

Just in time for the May sweeps ratings period, 30 Rock will tape a live episode on Thursday, April 26. The first time the show experimented with this format in 2010, their risky move was rewarded with a nice bump in viewership of over one million.

The move is sure to bring in more eyeballs, as a live show brings the threat of disaster to code red, and everyone loves to watch a train wreck.

Tina Fey Reveals 30 Rock Season 6

Last time, former Seinfeld star and Saturday Night Live cast member Julia Louis-Dreyfus was called in to guest star on the show, doubling as Tina Fey in flashbacks. Wonder what surprise guest stars, if any, we'll get to see this go round.

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