3 Things to Know About Bobbi Kristina Brown's Fiance Nick Gordon

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3 Things to Know About Bobbi Kristina Brown's Fiance Nick Gordon

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Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston

The rumors are true: Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is engaged to her "adopted brother." The 19-year-old breaks the news to her family on the reality show "The Houstons: On Our Own." In a clip, Bobbi Kristina is eating dinner with the family when she blurt out "we're engaged."

Is the family excited about it? It doesn't seem like it.

"The family has me out to be a bad person," the 22-year-old added in the clip. Bobbi Kristina is confident they'll make it, though.

The show is set to debut on Oct. 24. However, all we want to know is just who exactly is Nick Gordon? Let's review what we've learned about him so far.

He Started Living With Whitney and Bobbi Kristina at Age 12

Gordon gets the moniker of "Bobbi Kristina's adopted brother" because he started living with Houston and her daughter a decade ago.

Their relationship eventually blossomed into a romantic one, though she still refers to him as her "brother" in some instances.

"I love sleeping with big brudder (: only person that helps my insomnia B!! Hah (:" she tweeted earlier this year.

Yeah, they aren't actually related, but it's still sorta icky.

He Was Involved in a Hit and Run in September

Gordon's Camaro was involved in an accident in late September in Atlanta, according to TMZ. The front end of the vehicle was destroyed and airbags were deployed, but it somehow made it back to the couple's Alpharetta apartment.

"The vehicle also had emergency flashers on and the air bags were deployed," reads the police report. "It appears that the vehicle was in a front end collision … it was apparent that the vehicle was driven into the parking deck already damaged."

Initial reports said that Bobbi Kristina was in the car, but Gordon later disputed that on Twitter.

"Good morning everyone. Just letting you know nobody was in the car when the hit and run happened. A little sore. Media blows things up," he wrote on Sept. 26.

The investigation is ongoing.

He Created Controversy By Posing With a Gun

Gordon's family says he's a good influence on Houston, but we're questioning that after he posted a gun picture on Twitter. He later apologize after fans (rightfully) freaked out.

"I apologize for posting a picture with my registered gun," he tweeted on Sept. 20. That's not what we stand for and I didn't (mean any) harm by it, it's a collectors item... Moving forward I'll obviously be more mindful/thoughtful about how my actions influence others and reflect on the ppl (people) I love and care about."

Bobbi Kristina wasn't so worried about it, though.

"I & Nick Gordon love U (sic) all!... Ha thank 4 ur (thanks for your) love & support! We R (are) both collectors of guns actually. We always have been. Lol (laugh out loud)," she tweeted after the furor.

Somehow we don't think this is going to end well.

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