3 Reasons to Watch Anthony Bourdain's New Show on CNN

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Celebrity chef and food ambassador Anthony Bourdain has a reputation for speaking his mind and giving his viewers a very grown-up view of the world through his acclaimed show "No Reservations." Now, he's going to get the chance to take his love of food and travel to cable news. Starting in 2013, Bourdain will host a weekly show on CNN airing on Sunday nights.

Apparently CNN is excited to get Bourdain, who has been outspoken about fellow celebrity chefs and foodies like Rachel Ray and more recently Paula Deen, on board with them. Mark Whitaker, an executive for the cable news outlet said of Anthony that he's a "commentator on social trends ranging from the rise of celebrity chefs to the impact of fast food chains to the spread of vegetarianism and veganism." We think this new show will be well worth watching, and here are three great reasons to tune in.

More Exotic and Varied Locales - What CNN brings to the table is being a news media company used to sending correspondents out into the far reaches of the Earth. This means they should have a much larger budget to give Bourdain so he can get to some of the more exotic or dangerous places he couldn't visit when his show was still being produced for The Travel Channel. He said so much himself saying, "I think the world is going to get a whole lot bigger for me."

It's The Same People Behind The Scenes - Luckily for fans of the two shows Bourdain has done for his old bosses, the production company behind them will still help produce the new CNN show. This means the spirit and energy of the show should stay much the same, but perhaps with a few more bells and whistles thanks to what we can only assume will be a beefier budget. Clearly they've got a good working chemistry, and so it's a great development to be able to keep the same production company for this new show.

You Just Never Know What He's Going to Say - As Whitaker said in his statement, Bourdain is extremely opinionated and outspoken. Both of those character traits often lead to informative and entertaining segments in which Anthony can wax poetic on a cuisine or an emotion a certain dish evokes. These monologues and soliloquies are what make his show so unique and special, and as long as he's in front of a camera and narrating the action, his show will be a good hour of entertainment and enticement.

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