3 Reasons We Love Louis C.K. -- and You Should Too!

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With the third season of his critically acclaimed, smash hit FX show this week, comedian Louis C.K. is poised to kick off another successful year. Last year marked a major emergence into the mainstream for the veteran stand-up. His show's first season was nominated for two Emmys, and his stand up special "Hilarious" was nominated for another pair. He was named to the top of every major list of popular comedians or celebrities, and he successfully self-produced, released and directly sold his "Live at The Beacon Theater" special at the end of last year.

As "Louie" kicks off its third season this week, Louis is once again blazing a trail in showbiz by personally handling the ticket sales of his new comedy tour this year, handling all transactions through his website, eschewing traditional ticket brokers like Ticketmaster. One thing is for certain, C.K. seems unafraid to continue to push the envelope both in his material and his business practices, guiding comedians towards embracing and utilizing the Internet in the best way possible.

We love Louis and wish him all the luck on tour. Here are three more reasons to root for his continued success.

He's One of the 100 Most Influential People In The World - Well, according to Time Magazine, at least. C.K. was on the magazine's compendium of influential people for the first time this year. Louis himself admits to languishing for years in showbiz, never quite seeing huge success, but hanging around just long enough to get his foot in the door. The recognition by Time shows that he has arrived, and he'll continue to win fans with his brutally honest approach to everything he does.

He's Transparent - There are many performers who would not dream to release the financial figures involved with a project, for a variety of reasons. But when "Live at the Beacon Theater" was released last year, C.K. was completely out in the open as to how much it cost him to produce, why he was charging just five dollars to download it, and how much he made from the experiment. He wound up making enough to recoup his expenses, pay bonuses to his production team, and also make several donations to charities both international and domestic.

He's Our New George Carlin - Yes, those kinds of claims can often be absurd, but in this case, it's very accurate. What Carlin had that C.K. most definitely has, is a cynical and incisive outlook on life that allowed him to break down every nuance of human existence, and expose it. There was no taboo subject for Carlin, and Louis takes that same tack. The world needs witty observation and self-reflection, and Louis fills the void left by Carlin quite nicely.

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