2013 Oscar Nominees Who've Had Wardrobe Malfunctions

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2013 Oscar Nominees Who've Had Wardrobe Malfunctions

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(Amy Adams)

Oscar nominees fuel our imaginations with their on-screen performances. In those unscripted moments on the red carpet or at award shows anything can happen, including wardrobe malfunctions. Sometimes these are embarrassing moments involving forgotten undergarments, or a rip, a trip or a near fall thanks to a beautiful but less than functional red carpet gown. This year, the 2013 Oscar nominees are no strangers to embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Anne Hathaway

An unfortunate photograph of forgotten undergarments made a miserable moment for the actress nominee for Best Supporting Actress. She was saddened by the incident where her Tom Ford dress was hiked up as she was exiting a car. She spoke out on "Access Hollywood." The good news for Hathaway is that she's a sure to win the Oscar thanks to her moving performance in "Les Miserables." The always demure and classy Hathaway's performance will be remembered longer than a compromising photo.

Naomi Watts

Watts is guilty of one thing: not checking her profile in the mirror before she showed up at the People's Choice Awards. She showed way too much of a little thing we gals like to call "side boob." Watts has pulled off the look successfully before, but not this time around. It's almost her signature look, if you remember her gown at the American Film Festival (2011).

Jennifer Lawrence

Katniss thinks on her feet, that's for sure. She saved herself from over-exposure at the SAG awards. It looks as if the bottom tier of her indigo blue dress came undone as she stood up to accept her award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture ("Silver Linings Playbook.")

Amy Adams

The graceful and sweet Adams caught herself from an embarrassing fall at the Golden Globes. Her heel got stuck in the tulle at the bottom of her tight, nude-colored gown by Marchesa.

Anne Hathaway, Oops, she did it again

In a less embarrassing moment than her most recent wardrobe malfunction, Hathaway had her dress strap saved by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He gave her a pin to help save her dress strap at the Critics' Choice Awards after it came undone.

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