2012 Oscars Aftermath: Ryan Seacrest Gets Pancaked, Angie’s Leg, and J-Lo’s Wardrobe Malfunction

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Jennifer Lopez is smokin' hot!

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Jennifer Lopez is smokin' hot!

It's pretty amazing that a silent movie just won Best Picture at the Oscars in the year 2012, but "The Artist" isn't what everyone is talking about now that the dust has settled. Instead we've got Ryan Seacrest and Sacha Baron Cohen's crazy encounter; Jennifer Lopez' wardrobe malfunction; and Angelina Jolie's leg to gossip about.

Celebrity body parts certainly got a lot of attention at the Oscars this year. When Angie strutted onto the stage and struck a pose by sticking her right leg through the slit of her dress, it was hard to tell if she was trying to be sexy or silly. However it was obvious that Oscar winner Jim Rash was looking for laughs when he mocked her pose by showing off his own gorgeous gam. Jim won his award for "The Descendants" screenplay, but he's probably best-known for playing the cross-dressing Dean on "Community," so maybe he'll pay homage to the incident by dressing up like Angie in an upcoming episode of the NBC show.

There's also already a tumblr dedicated to "legbombing" - it features photoshopped images with Angie's leg attached to historical figures, cats, and paintings. There's even one photo of what it would look like if both of her legs had been exposed at the Oscars (she kind of looks like she's about to give birth to her 20th child).

The leg also got its own Twitter account, @AngiesRightLeg, but it's got a little competition from @JLosNipple. Here's what Jennifer Lopez' now-famous body part tweeted to Angie's perfect pin: "You're lucky you're TV friendly....and have Brad Pitt. Sigh, life of a boob."

J-Lo's nipple also got a Twitter account because lots of people thought that the actress/musician suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction while presenting an award. However, her stylist released a statement saying that the low-cut, partially-sheer dress she was wearing had built-in cups that prevented any unfortunate "slips." But will Jenny from the Block provide "evidence" that no naughty bits made an appearance like Nancy Grace did after her supposed "Dancing with the Stars" nip slip? Until she does, the creator of of @JLosNipple will get to milk the possible wardrobe malfunction for all it's worth.

Angie and J-Lo were both responsible for creating new internet memes, so will Sacha do the same? The actor dressed up like his character from "The Dictator" to do an interview with E! host Seacrest, bringing an urn containing the fake ashes of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. Sacha proceeded to "accidentally" spill the contents of the urn on Ryan, who took it all in stride since he'd brought an extra suit jacket with him.

Ryan later revealed what he thought the urn contained: "I am just sure it was pancake mix. It was ironic. I had been avoiding carbs all week."

So maybe Sacha has started a new meme himself - fans of his stunt could fill various objects with pancake mix and "accidentally" spill it on their pals who are on low-carb diets. It would be called getting "pancaked." (Make it happen, Daniel Tosh.)

So what do you think the biggest moment was at the Oscars - J-Lo's supposed nip slip; Angie's awkward pose getting mocked by Dean Pelton; or Sacha's spillage? Sound off in the comments!

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