2012 Golden Globes Biggest Fashion Misses

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Julianna Margulies

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Julianna Margulies

The 69th Golden Globes took place at the Beverly Hilton in Hollywood on Sunday, January 15, 2012, with many of Hollywood's hottest stars in attendance. There were the usual lot of shocking award-winners and snubs, really Kelsey Grammar over Bryan Cranston? Nothing at all for "Bridesmaids?" And, as it happens every year, there were also more than a few fashions that really seemed to miss the mark.

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of those. The 34-year-old admitted she didn't try on many dresses for the award ceremony, and that it was her toddler who picked out the Monique Lhuillier gown. It was a blue and white tied dyed ensemble and it definitely looked like a two-year-old picked it out.

The usually stunning Jessica Biel shocked us for all the wrong reasons. The actress who is said to be engaged to pop sensation Justin Timberlake was sans sparkler, and her get-up looked like a very bad bridesmaid dress someone had forced her to wear. It was drab off-white, lacy number by Elie Saab, and with the "New Year's Eve" star's dark locks, she looked completely washed out.

Melanie Griffith's husband, Antonio Banderas, looked smashing in his tux, but the 54-year-old actress looked like she was going for the "elderly look." The all-black, lackluster gown, was anything but sexy and aged her by not just years, but decades.

"The Artist" actress, Missi Pyle, wore a hideous green number that made us feel a little nauseous. The big glittery bow reminded us of yet another bad bridesmaids' gown. Perhaps some of the celebs were showing their support of the great comedy film that was ultimately dissed?

Was the sun in our eyes, or was that just Seth Rogen's wife? Although some found Lauren Miller's gown to be an attractive and trendy fashion, the bright yellow didn't do much for us other than cause some pain to our retinas.

We love the beautiful British actress, Emma Watson, but her bad oatmeal colored gown was ill-fitting and did nothing for her figure whatsoever. The over-sized chain necklace did not help either. We'd give her the prize for the worst dressed on Sunday evening, but that honor may have to be given to the last celeb on the list.

The winner of the worst-dressed award goes to Julianna Margulies who wore a purple Naeem Khan dress that was too tight and seemed to have no shape whatsoever. It appeared to be made of some type of glittery material you might find on clearance at a fabric store. Not just unattractive, the smock also looked very uncomfortable.

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