2012 Emmy Awards Announced, the Top Snubs of the Year

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The Emmys released their 2012 nominations on July 19, and while there were some nice surprises, there were also some head scratching snubs. While genre were fans excited to see "American Horror Story" rack up 17 nominations, fans of "The Walking Dead" felt slighted to see the critically acclaimed show ignored once again. However, while genre shows always remain hit and miss during awards season, there are some big names missing from this year's list.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie starred in one of television's most beloved medical dramas, "House." For much of the show's run, Laurie was part of a cast that solved a "mystery of the week illness" and that might be why the Emmys always seemed to overlook him when handing out awards. At least in those early seasons, Laurie picked up nominations. In 2012, the Emmys did not even nominate Laurie for an award at all.

In the final season of his show, Laurie stretched his acting muscles and did a lot more than hand out one-liners and solve medical mysteries. With a drug dependency for Dr. House and the chance to end his series in jail for numerous crimes, Laurie had a chance to play with his sarcastic, egotistical medical doctor. He also got a wonderful chance to play off his co-star, Robert Sean Leonard, whose Dr. Wilson ended up with terminal cancer.

With no nomination, Laurie will end his career on "House" with zero Emmy awards for his performance.

Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer won the Golden Globe for his performance on the TV show, "Boss." While winning a Golden Globe means the Hollywood Foreign Press considered him to have the best performance of the year, the Emmys didn't even consider it good enough for a nomination. In the series, Grammer portrayed the mayor of Chicago battling a medical condition which he hides from the public.

Grammer has picked up 17 Emmy nominations over his career, winning four times for "Frasier" and once for a guest spot on "The Simpsons."

Kyra Sedgwick

Much like Laurie, Kyra Sedgwick's fans expected she would get an Emmy nomination for "The Closer" since this was the final season for the show. Sedgwick picked up five nominations over the history of her show and won her first Emmy award in 2010. However, after finally winning the statue, she didn't pick up another nomination. Sedgwick also failed to receive a nomination at the Golden Globes in 2012.

John Slattery

While co-star Jared Harris picked up an Emmy nomination for his role on "Mad Men," perennial nominee John Slattery did not receive one. Slattery, who earned a nomination in each of the last four years, has never won the award for the critically acclaimed show. Harris, who finished the season with a shocking cliffhanger, hopes to be the first actor from the show to actually win an Emmy for an individual performance on the show.

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