2011 Teen Celebs Who Behave a Lot Better Than Some Adults

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Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez

A number of teen stars turn into troubled adults. There's Lindsay Lohan, the wild child who got wilder. Or Britney Spears who created a circus of her life until she turned things around. Then there are the severely unfortunate cases, such as a River Phoenix or a Dana Plato who died far too young. So it's with great pleasure to see Hollywood teens who are not only on the straight and narrow but who are more mature than some adults we know.

Selena Gomez

Although Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber make a cute couple, the "Love You Like a Love Song" singer seems more mature than her mega pop boyfriend, and it's not because she's two years older. While Justin loves to play pranks and gush to the public about his lady love, Selena remains reserved and all about business. She's moving on up the superstar ladder, and as much as she enjoys the 17-year-old, she won't let their relationship get in the way. In addition to singing and acting, the 19-year-old is working on a signature perfume. "I'm creating the base of the scent and what I'm doing is, I'm inviting my fans to help me create the top notes and things that kind of go into it."

Hailee Steinfeld

You'll never meet a 14, soon to be 15-year-old, more intellectually and emotionally mature than Hailee Steinfeld. Despite the fact that she's the gorgeous new Miu Miu, girl, the "True Grit" star is much more than a pretty face. With a long career ahead of her, the articulate and personable Steinfeld has at least three films lined up, including "Ender's Game," a science fiction movie directed by Gavin Hood and rumored to be featuring Harrison Ford. Steinfeld will play the character Petra Arkanian.

Jaden Smith

What can you expect form a teen that comes from such a solid family? Jaden Smith, the 13 year-old and up-and-coming actor and son of Will and Jada Smith, has never been a trouble maker in the Hollywood teen scene. The cute singer, who performs with Justin Bieber on "Never Say Never," attends New Village Leadership Academy, co-founded by his parents. His sister, 11-year-old singer and actress Willow, is also a well-behaved child.

Elle Fanning

She doesn't look her age, and she doesn't act it either. At 5' 7", Elle Fanning, 13, sister of Dakota Fanning, is one of the most intellectually and emotionally mature teens on the scene. The beautiful star, who appears in "We Bought a Zoo" with Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, has Baptists parents who keep her grounded and stable.

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