The 1992 Oscar Winners - Where Are They Now?

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The 1992 Oscar Winners - Where Are They Now?

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"J. Edgar" director Clint Eastwood.

The Academy Awards has a glorious history, stretching back to 1927 when Charlie Chaplin received an honorary award at the premiere gala. in 1992 the Oscars celebrated their 65th ceremony and it was a cowboy who led the way, as Clint Eastwood and his movie "Unforgiven" took the most honors at the Oscars presentation. Here is a look at some of the winners from the movies released in 1992 and where they are today.

Clint Eastwood

Eastwood was a legend by 1992, an actor who popularized the spaghetti western with his "Man with No Name," as well as the police procedural, thanks to his portrayal of Dirty Harry. In 1992, he moved behind the camera and won his first Oscar for directing "Unforgiven," his love letter to westerns. Since then, Eastwood has won three more Oscars and is still directing today, his latest movie covering the life of J. Edgar Hoover in 2011.

Gene Hackman

In a movie full of great performances, it was Gene Hackman who won the Oscar for "Unforgiven," starring in the movie as the bad guy, an evil sheriff named Little Bill Daggett. It was Hackman's second Oscar win in five nominations, and his final trip to the Academy Awards. Unlike Eastwood, who continues working at the age of 82, Hackman retired in 2004 and has not appeared in a movie since that time.

Al Pacino

The race for Best Actor at the 1992 Oscars was a heavy one, and the surprise winner was Al Pacino for "Scent of a Woman." It is not that Pacino was not a great actor, but that role was not one of his better efforts. However, it was also his eighth Oscar nomination and he had yet to win the honor, despite magnificent turns in "The Godfather," "Serpico" and "Dog Day Afternoon." At the age of 72, Pacino has never received another nomination although he still works. His most recent movie, "Stand Up Guys," hit theaters in 2013.

Marisa Tomei

The most controversial winner of the 1992 Oscars was Marisa Tomei for, "My Cousin Vinny." The beautiful actress seemed shocked when she won the Best Actress award over names like Judy Davis and Vanessa Redgrave, and one film critic even claimed that presenter Jack Palance accidentally called out the wrong name. The Academy refuted this, and Tomei was the deserving winner for the evening. The beauty went on to pick up two more nominations over her career.

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