10 Things You May Not Know About Courteney Cox

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Lindsay Lohan Reunites with Father, Mom Talks to Matt Lauer, is Change on the Horizon?

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Media outlets went bananas when news of Hollywood power couple David Arquette and Courteney Cox announced their separation. While the actors maintained a relatively private life, there are some things you may not know about Courteney Cox, currently starring in ABC's "Cougar Town." Here are ten interesting things about Courteney Cox.

1. She originally wanted to be an architect

Cox enrolled at Mt. Vernon College's architecture program but left after a year to pursue acting and modeling. She has personally designed and remodeled four of her homes.

2. Jennifer Aniston is daughter Coco's godmother!

Best friends on "Friends" and in real life, Cox's former costar is 6-year-old daughter Coco's godmother.

3. She's the only cast member of "Friends" without an Emmy nomination.

Don't feel bad for Courteney, though. She's had the biggest movie career out of all of her former costars. Based on box office numbers, "Ace Ventura" and the "Scream" franchises have grossed more income than the entire "Friends" cast, including Jennifer Aniston.

4. Courteney can play both the drums and the piano.

We've seen her play the drums a few times, most recently on an episode of "Cougar Town," but did you know she can also play the piano?

5. Courteney was supposed to be Rachel on "Friends!"

Can you imagine? No way! I am glad she preferred the role of Monica, and asked for the casting to be switched. Good call, Courteney!

6. She was almost a "Desperate Housewife!"

Marc Cherry wanted Cox to play Susan Mayer on the hit show, but she couldn't shoot the series because of her pregnancy. The role went to Teri Hatcher instead.

7. She was the first person to use the word "period" on U.S. television.

During a Tampax commercial in 1985, Cox was the first person to say "period" as it related to menstruation. At the time it caused a public outcry, but now all feminine hygiene and birth control commercials use that word.

8. She attended the same high school as missing Alabama teen, Natalee Holloway

Cox donated money toward search efforts to find the girl who disappeared on a trip to Aruba back in 2005.

9. She was paid $350 for her iconic role in a Bruce Springsteen video

Remember? She was the surprised girl in the crowd pulled onto the stage to dance with The Boss during the "Dancing In The Dark" video back in 1984. Everybody knew who she was after that!

10. Her nickname is CeCe.

Short for her initials, and also because she was named after her mother. She has a lipstick called "Cece" she created for the Cargo Cosmetics line.

Of the ten things your probably didn't know about Courteney Cox, which one surprises you the most?

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