10 Songs About Ghosts and Haunted Houses

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If you're looking for songs about ghosts, check out the selection of spirits on this list. From songs about haunted houses to tunes that tell tales about ghosts of all types, from the friendly to those whose paranormal activity plagues us, there's sure to be songs on this list to play to whatever is haunting you:

"Hotel California" by The Eagles - I'll start with one of the best songs about ghosts ever written. With it's spooky description of the souls haunt a desert hotel and soothing string work that sounds as if it could be coming from the spirit world, it's just hard to beat this one when it comes to songs about ghosts and haunted houses.

"Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash - And here's another of the spooky songs here that tells a tale of a haunting. This one, however, speaks of the spirits of the old west, describing cowboy ghosts in the sky forever chasing a phantom herd that just can't be caught. If you're looking for songs that tell ghost stories, then you've got to add this one to your paranormal playlist.

"Ghost Town" by The Specials - Sure it's not about "real" ghosts taking over a city, but there's just something really haunting about imagining an almost-deserted town slowly dying down. Plus this really is one of the spookiest-sounding ghost songs on this list (it would be perfect for the soundtrack of a reggae horror movie).

"Haunted House" by Jumpin' Gene Simmons - This classic will get the haunted house hoppin'. It's definitely one of the most upbeat songs about ghosts on this list, but Jumpin' Gene's phantom isn't all about fun and games; he's got one big eye and two big feet (and evidently he's got no problem eating hunks of raw meat; Lady Gaga best beware!).

"Little Ghost" by The White Stripes - This folksy phantom love song is perfect for those looking to scare up a little bit of love, but ghost songs like this might leave you looking a little bit crazy when people see you dancing with a paranormal partner that they can't see.

"Ghosts" by Michael Jackson - It's not quite as thrilling as "Thriller," but another of Michael Jackson's spookiest songs does a decent job of creating a creepy atmosphere with descriptions of blood on the floor, creaks behind the door, a self-rocking chair, and a ghostly smell in the air. MJ might be singing about the ghost of jealousy, but his powerful emotion definitely seems to be stirring up a little paranormal activity.

"This House is Haunted" by Alice Cooper - Edgar Allan Poe would love this ghostly tale of woe (and hard rock fans will love the ectoplasmic electric guitar blast toward the end). It's not one of the most well-known ghost songs on this list, but this haunting haunted house tune is definitely one of the best.

"Ghost on the Highway" by The Gun Club - Okay, so it's another of the songs here that's not about a real ghost, but it is delightful to listen to on a deserted highway (just hope you don't break down if you're cruising around and listening to these tunes about the doomed).

"Ghost of the Navigator" by Iron Maiden - This song about sailing through a spirit land brings to mind spooky ships haunted by souls that spend eternity lost at sea, and it really captures the urgency of needing to be set free from such a fate before it's too late.

"Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker, Jr. - I know it's a bit cheesy, but what better way to end your ghost-filled playlist than with a song that can suck those spirits right back into a handy proton pack?

So from tunes that can help you get rid of what's haunting to you, to those that tell some spooky ghost stories set to amazing music, you're sure to find some songs on this list suitable for the living (and any curious unseen spirits that they just happen to summon).

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