10 Most Promising New Fall Shows

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Every May, the major networks come to New York City with footage from the shows they've ordered for fall and a U-haul filled with booze as they try and tempt advertisers to buy airtime on their channel. This not only allows ad sales folk to rub elbows with the stars but also serves as the first time anyone gets to see snippets from all the new fall pilots!

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And I did the legwork this year, hitting up every network presentation to find out which warrant a spot on your DVR and which should be avoided like the plague.

What follows are the 10 Most Promising Network Pilots (while TNT, USA and MTV each have shows that deserve spots on this list, we're keeping things to the big 5). And while previous years have revealed prevailing thematic trends, the only consistent thing this week was that most of the networks saved the show I'm most excited about for mid-season.

So while you'll have to wait until 2013 for The CW's Cult, Fox's The Following, NBC's 1600 Penn and Infamous, bask in the September shows you'll want to check out!

Stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere
Why: The Friday Night Lights star earned lifelong loyalty after her iconic turn on NBC's football drama, but thankfully we'll be watching her return to the south out of excitement, not obligation (sorry, Ringer!). On Nashville, Connie plays a country artist whose superstar status is fading while a young upstart (Hayden Panettiere) is snagging all the headlines. Bonus: everyone does their own singing!

Stars Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito and Andrea Roth
Why: The show looks at a world, 15 years after all electronics cease to work. No power, but plenty of power struggles in this show which looks to capitalize on our current obsession with dystopian, Hunger Games-esque societies.

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The New Normal
Stars Justin Bartha, Andrew Rannells, Nene Leakes and Ellen Barkin
Why: Love him or hate him, creator Ryan Murphy has a knack for delivering original ideas to TV screens and this progressive comedy about a gay couple and the surrogate who becomes part of their world offers up plenty of laughs and a seriously timely message.

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Stars Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy
Why: Although based on a comic book, The CW's take on The Green Arrow mythology is grounded in reality and takes a cue tonally from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Plus, Stephen Amell is a favorite around these parts and Katie Cassidy has consistently been the best thing on a variety of unworthy TV shows. This looks to finally give her the platform she richly deserves.

666 Park Avenue
Stars Vanessa Williams, Terry O'Quinn, Robert Buckley and Dave Annable
Why: I'm loving that horror has been seriously infiltrating TV over the last few years, and the 2012/2013 season offers up more scares than ever before. First out of the gate is this series, which reveals NYC's Upper East Side to literally be hell, with Wilhelmina Slater and John Locke as its devilish gatekeepers.

The Mindy Project
Stars Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina and Anna Camp
Why: A lifelong love of rom-coms inspired this relationship-focused comedy, created by and starring Mindy Kaling. And while the trailer hints at potential rather than showcasing it, I'm going to assume based on the sublime supporting cast (Chris and Anna are two actors I will follow anywhere) that there is more to this show than the trailer indicates.

Stars Dennis Quaid, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jason O'Mara and Michael Chiklis
Why: Any time an excellent movie star comes to television, it piques my interest. Although this show could star a bunch of newbies and I'd still want to see more since it comes from the writer of Goodfellas and chronicles the decades where Las Vegas went from quiet desert town to a city filled with sin, cash and mobsters.

Chicago Fire
Stars Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer
Why: Hot guys fighting fires. Every season needs a guilty pleasure, right?

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Last Resort
Stars Scott Speedman, Andre Braugher and Autumn Reeser
Why: Easily the fall's biggest gamble, this drama tracks multiple storylines as the crew of a nuclear submarine goes aground and declares themselves a sovereign nation after our government tries to kill them following a botched mission. The show also takes you inside The White House and their family's houses to see the full fallout from this dramatic decision.

Stars Michael Urie, Brandon Routh, Sophia Bush and David Krumholtz
Why: Will & Grace creators retread the gay-straight relationship comedy terrain, but come out with a fresh feeling as both halves of this "couple" are men. Factor in the friend's partners and you get four people in three relationships. All hilarious.

Which show are you most excited for?

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