10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Katy Perry Fans

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MTV's "Skins": We've Come a Long Way from "Saved by the Bell"

Looking for fun and funky Christmas gift ideas for hardcore Katy Perry fans? From sweet stocking stuffers to statement-making accessories, these creative Christmas gift ideas will have your favorite Katy Perry fans feeling just like the kitschy California gurl:

Gift Certificate to Salon That Provides Minx Nail Services

Cost: around $40 and up

Katy Perry loves her Minx nails, special stick-on nails that can be decorated with limitless possibilities. So one of the best Christmas gift ideas for making Katy Perry fans feel like pampered princesses would be a Minx manicure at a local salon that provides Minx services. You can use this salon finder to help you find Minx providers near you to purchase a gift certificate from, and be sure to call and ask around about prices, since they may vary (plus some salons might be offering special holiday deals).

Candy Button Wallet

Cost: $18.00

Here's one of the sweetest Christmas gift ideas for fans of Katy Perry's "California Gurls" music video. It's a white wallet decorated with fake candy buttons, resembling the candy button dress Katy Perry wears in the video. You can find this sweet way to stash cash here at Fred Flare.

Ice Cream Cone Lamp

Cost: $39.99

Another of Katy Perry's favorite sweet treats seems to be ice cream. She partook of some in her "California Gurls" video; peddled her perfume from an ice cream truck; and even wore a dress designed to look like an ice cream cone. So this non-lickable lamp from Perpetual Kid is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for Katy Perry fans looking to make their world just as flavorful as her food fantasyland.

Strawberry Ring

Cost: $25.00

Katy Perry is also a big fruit fan, and she's even has a tattoo of strawberry on her ankle. However, a less-permanent way for Katy Perry fans to pay tribute to her favorite fruit would be with this chunky, crystal-covered strawberry ring from Mademoiselle Jewelry, very similar to one Katy Perry has been spotted wearing in the past. It's definitely one of the best Christmas gift ideas for Katy Perry fans who like to make big fashion statements with their fingers, just like the strawberry pop tart that always wows us with her ring bling.

Giant Flower Headband

Cost: $4.80

Katy Perry loves to put flowers in her hair, so this pretty-in-pink velveteen headband from Forever 21 would make one of the best Christmas gift ideas for Katy Perry fans that also love to make their locks rock with fun and funky accessories. Plus it's a real steal at under $5, meaning that you can buy your favorite Katy Perry fan multiple kitschy Christmas gifts.

Cat Purse Mirror

Cost: $26.99 for a set of ten

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are apparently very fond of cats. In fact, Katy Perry dressed up like one to promote her new perfume Purr, which comes in a cat-shaped bottle. So what better stocking stuffers for Katy Perry fans than these adorable cat-shaped purse mirrors made in the land where Katy Perry and Russell Brand were married? Plus the fact that you get ten of them in different colors from Overstock.com makes them the purrfect Christmas gift ideas for all of the Katy Perry fans on your Christmas list.

Cotton Candy Body Spray Gift Set

Cost: $4.00

Fans of Katy Perry's cotton candy-covered "Teenage Dream" album (which actually smelled like cotton candy), will love this body spray gift set from Wal-Mart. It's another of the more inexpensive Christmas gift ideas here, and it offers a great alternative fragrance for fans that already possess her Purr perfume.

Elmo Knitwits Hat

Cost: $34.99

And here's one of the best Christmas gift ideas for fans of the whole Elmo incident. This kooky hat from Perpetual Kid is a little more covered up than Katy Perry's SNL T-shirt, and it's the perfect present for fans who like to show the world their playful side, just like Katy Perry.

Cupcake Lip Balm

Cost: $10.00 for set of four

Katy Perry loves her cupcakes, whether she's wearing a cupcake bra in her "California Gurls" video or performing in a latex dress covered with a cupcake print. However, this yummy set of cupcake-shaped lip balms from Urban Outfitters offer an even better way for her fans to wear their food, and a tastier alternative to cherry Chapstick. The flavors included are Cherry Feast, Lemon Twister, Violet Fancy, and Coconut Dream, and these no-calorie sweets are definitely great Christmas gift ideas for fans of some of Katy Perry's favorite treats.

Leopard Heart Necklace

Cost: $12.00

Katy Perry is also a fan of bright and colorful leopard print, so it's pretty easy to imagine her in this giant heart necklace from Hot Topic. It features a magenta leopard-print heart that's definitely adds a punch of color to any outfit, making it another perfect accessory for Katy Perry fans.

So from sweet treats to fun fashion finds, these Katy Perry Christmas gift ideas are sure to please your favorite fans of this pop princess with wild style.

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