'Doritos Girl' Ali Landry: I Bought My First House With Doritos

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Ali Landry is still best known for her Super Bowl ad.

After more than a decade of acting and hosting TV shows, Ali Landry is still known as "the Doritos Girl."

The nickname dates back to 1998, when she starred in one of the year's most buzzed-about Super Bowl commercials for the chip company. You remember it, right? The ad shows a dressed-down Landry walking into a laundromat and wowing a couple guys with her beauty and, just as importantly, her talent for catching a single chip in her mouth.

After it aired, Landry's life changed instantly. The former Miss USA, who's now 39, tells omg! that that one job made it possible for her to host and act in shows like "Eve" and "Felicity" ever since. She even remembers being offered a record deal just after the ad aired, even though she can't sing. It was her "first introduction to how this town works," she jokes.

So when people ask her to do the splits or even throw chips at her – yes, it really has happened – she insists that she doesn't mind. It's a question that her husband since 2006, movie director and producer Alejandro Monteverde, asks her often.

"I'm like are you kidding me? Doritos changed my life," she gushes. "I bought my first house with Doritos."

As usual, the chip company could change someone else's life this year with its latest Super Bowl ad. Commercials submitted by people all over the country were narrowed down to a group of five finalists, which Landry unveiled earlier this month. Then, football fans voted for the ad they'd most like to see on the day of the big game. The fans' choice and Doritos' choice for the best ads will both air during the Super Bowl. And their creators will win big bucks – the amount depends on how well their ad performs – as well as a chance to work with "Transformers" director Michael Bay. The best part is that the winners will be revealed during the Super Bowl in New Orleans on February 4!

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Landry and her family.

Unfortunately, Landry, who's from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, roughly 120 miles from the Crescent City, won't be able to make the trip. Her hubby has the film "Little Boy" coming out (she has a role in it), and they have two children, 5-year-old daughter Estela and 1-year-old son Marcelo, who have made their lives happily chaotic. They might even have a third child one day. "We both come from families of three, so I think three would be a good number for us," she shares.

Whatever her plans, Landry will probably spend the day eating. "My husband makes a killer salsa. We do three or four different salsas," she says. "I do a pretzel salad that a girlfriend taught me from the South. Sounds crazy, but it's really delicious! Gumbo is always a go-to dish for the Super Bowl, when there's a lot of people."

Surprisingly, Landry describes herself as a “clean-my-plate, go-for-seconds kind of eater.” She’s one of the few celebrities who actually admits to putting in a lot of work to keep her fab figure. “It’s hard for me,” she says.

Her big secret to staying slim is eating a healthy diet (mostly organic fruits and veggies, and few processed foods) and working out consistently. That’s it!

"I probably used to work out five days a week," she notes. "Now I go to the gym three days a week, I eat much healthier ... and I feel like I look better than I looked when I was 20."

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