‘Modern Family’ star Ariel Winter removed from home amid abuse allegations

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Ariel Winter. (WireImage)

On “Modern Family,” Ariel Winter’s know-it-all character Alex Dunphy may often be at odds with her parents, but it’s always out of love. In real life, the 14-year-old actress’ relationship with her mother and father is a little rockier.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Winter was removed from the home she shares with her mother, Crystal Workman, following an October 3 guardianship hearing where a judge determined the teen was being both physically and mentally abused by her mom, according to TMZ. The judge also ruled that Winter’s mother must stay at least 100 feet away from her at all times. That same day, the young star tweeted, “ALWAYS be strong. Stand up for yourself,” possibly hinting at what she has endured at home.

According to the Associated Press, court documents stated the "ongoing physical abuse" consisted of "slapping and hitting, as well as name-calling and personal insults.” When reached for comment, Workman – who has been cut off from access to her daughter’s earnings at this time – told the AP she was in the process of hiring an attorney.

For the time being, Winter has been placed under the care of her older sister, Shanelle Gray, a former actress herself, who has reportedly filed for legal guardianship of Winter. Two days after she moved into Gray’s home, Winter tweeted about much she loved her 34-year-old sibling. Earlier that day, she wrote, “Don't lie anymore. You know who you are.”

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Winter with her mother. (Splash News)

Gray, who has two children, apparently suffered similar abuse at the hands of their mother, a source tells TMZ. According to the report, more than 20 years ago, the Department of Children and Family Services removed Shanelle from the Workman home and placed her in foster care for two years – and she never returned to her family. The child actress took nearly a decade off from acting before landing the role of Sarah Roberts on “One Live To Live” in 2003.

Winter and Gray also have a brother in the business, Jimmy Workman, 32, who played Pugsley in “The Addams Family” film series.  In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” airing Wednesday evening, Jimmy insists that the allegations against his mother are completely untrue, adding that Winter doesn’t speak to the rest of their family and that Crystal does everything for her daughter. He also notes that the allegations Gray made 20 years ago are false as well.

Crystal Workman is due back in court on November 20.

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