2014 Forecast

Provided by Tarot.com - Rick Levine

Ox Overview

The Year of the Horse takes off at a full gallop. However, the more deliberate Ox tends to step back and ruminate. This year is a good time to plan, think ahead and strategize. How do you deal with challenges? What are your strengths and weaknesses? This year is a great time to think 'slow and steady.' In general, sidestep risks in favor of strategic decision-making. Move ahead when good opportunities present themselves, but do so cautiously. Your success this year depends on being true to your style, which will take an inner sense of purpose and steadfastness, which, fortunately, you have in spades. The Horse likes to stir things up and move at a fast pace. Your mission is not to get caught up in the fuss. You're a determined person -- now's the time to show it.