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Your relationship with your creativity (or your creativity within your relationship) undergoes a semi-transformative shift, in all likelihood, on the 1st. You suddenly see where the bottlenecks are, and how you can unplug them! You feel energy flowing in a whole new way. You want to seek out new territory, and explore new realms, and this is an amazing, expansive feeling. Follow through! A new experience opens doors for you on the 5th. By the energetically amazing 9th and 10th, you're ready to spread your wings and fly. Wow. Some amazing news changes something fundamental, for you, on the 13th or 14th. If you haven't checked to see if your great love is still available, now is a good time to do that. By the 20th, sure, you have to go to your great-aunt's tea party. But she might have some very interesting stories to tell! Don't overreact on the 25th. Don't sign a contract without having read it very, very carefully on the 30th or 31st. You wouldn't want to commit to something that isn't in your own best business interests.