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Provided by - Maria DeSimone
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Relationships are slippery, ever-changing entities, so don't be surprised if your relationship undergoes some sort of fundamental shift on the 1st. Sure, change can be scary. But if you navigate this in a calm and connected manner, you could be really surprised and happy at just how rewarding it is to embrace rather than run away from change. Hopefully, your partner (or potential partner) can accompany you on this journey. Experience gives you a new perspective on the 5th. Your energy levels are amazing on the 9th and 10th. And yes, they do notice! The news you receive on the 13th or 14th is more than welcome. By the 20th, keep your ears open for historically interesting love stories. You might find a lesson or two in the past! Keep cool, even if that means a quick dunk in cold water on the 25th. After all, getting all hot around the collar because they said they'd be on time for once in their life and then they were late again isn't going to help the situation one bit. Be careful in your commitments on the 30th or 31st. You want to be able to honor what you say you will do.