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Monthly Career

Your career could take an entirely new course on the 1st. If you've been stuck, you come unstuck. If you've been feeling drained, a spurt of energy will revivify you. Most of all, though, it's your amazing creativity that's going to unlock the doors and throw open the gates of your imagination. All in all, yours is an amazing, expansive feeling. It's only natural that new experiences follow this kind of newly flowing energy. Look for lots to happen on the 5th. You might rewrite a novel or paint a mural on the wall on the amazingly energetic 9th and 10th. You'll surprise yourself, with everything your capable of! A fundamental change at the office results in some very positive developments, for you, on the 13th or 14th. Did you get a better desk? With a better view? By the 20th, you might well want to do some historical research. Could your company's past have something to teach you? Stay cool on the 25th. Consider a contract carefully on the 30th and 31st. You need to keep in mind what's really best for you.