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Why Is Kris Humphries Letting Kim Keep The Ring?

Erin Carlson
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Kris Humphries will reportedly NOT request the return of that $2 million Lorraine Schwartz engagement rock he gave to Kim Kardashian. A Humphries confidante tells Page Six: "He's a gentleman. He would not ask for the ring back. Gifts that he gave to Kim were out of love."

Perhaps Kardashian's entitlement to the ring was spelled out in the doomed duo's prenuptial agreement. When the 31-year-old self-described "hopeless romantic" filed for divorce on Halloween, the court documents showed that she intends to keep her jewelry and other "personal effects" out of Humphries' hands, per the prenup. That would certainly include the Hope Diamond-sized ode to excess and symbol of faux-reality TV love. (Conspiracy theory: did Kardashian buy the ring on her own, with her millions?)

Meanwhile, momager Kris Jenner scoffs at the idea that her famous-for-being-famous daughter would ever give back the ring. "It's a gift -- you keep a gift," she said while promoting her new memoir on "Good Morning America." She added, ignoring political correctness: "I hate an Indian giver."

Somewhere in Minnesota, a ringless Humphries is staying at his parents' house, driving a blue Cutlass around town and hiding out from all the hoopla.

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