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Watch Taylor Lautner Do His Best to End the NFL Lockout

The Famous: Watching the Watched

It's a strategy as old as Dakota Fanning: if you're an actor hoping to break free from the perception that you're bland or serious (or both), film a Funny or Die video to show everyone that you've got a sense of humor and some personality.

Most of the time, these attempts fail miserably, as all the clips do is reinforce that the actor -- surprise! -- just isn't that funny (see the recent Matthew Morrison clip).

But Taylor Lautner fares somewhat better in this "Field of Dreams" parody (which features appearances by Kevin Costner, Dennis Haysbert and a slew of NFL stars). Lautner isn't as stiff as we would've imagined he'd be, and he certainly seems more comfortable than he did hosting "SNL" or in his taped bit at the MTV Movie Awards. We're going to boldly deem this a relative success.

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