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Watch Madonna Face-Off Against Her Teenage Daughter

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Ever wonder how Madonna and her 15-year-old daughter Lourdes get along? In this behind-the-scenes video, you can see that being the best-selling female recording artist on the planet still doesn't make your teenage daughter take you seriously. Like any teenage master of indifference, Lourdes texts and snacks while her mother tries to talk business about the fashion line they're launching together. (Well, it's a normal thing to talk about for any teenager in the wealthiest 1%. Or really, the wealthiest .0001%.)

More importantly, this clip teaches us a lot about Madonna. For instance, the 53-year-old pop star questions her daughter for using the term "totes magotes," which Lourdes says is part of the "cool world" but Madonna insists is not a "timeless" phrase like, say, "whatevs." Only time will tell who was on the winning side of that abbrev. war.

Fun fact: fruit hurts Madonna's stomach. Which makes you wonder what exactly the rail-thin mom does eat.

And in case you didn't know, Madonna is still ticked off that people don't understand the intended irony in "Material Girl." "It was not meant to be taken seriously. I'm not sure people understand irony in this day and age," Madonna tells her daughter, sounding more than a tad middle-aged. "I can't live that name down, people think I'm like a superficial person and I'm not."

She even provides evidence that she's not a just a frivolous pop star: "I love horses, I love flowers. Well, I don't love hydrangeas," she admits. "I love nature, trees, animals… well, I don't love all animals."

As convincing as those arguments may be, Madge probably isn't going to clear up any Material Misconceptions by creating her own line of clothes and calling it Material Girl.

But maybe we just don't get irony. According to the Material Maven herself, the ideal model for their clothing line will be "a woman-girl-female-child" who is "material but immaterial, likes to shop but also cares about feelings."

Cue Lourdes' reality check: "No one is like that." "I'm like that," Madonna bristles.

"Well… that's debatable," her daughter posits, avoiding eye contact by looking deep into her fruit plate.

Always one to have the last word, Madonna pulls out that tried-and-true parental argument closer: "Have you done your homework?"

--Joseph Brannigan Lynch

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