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Wait, The Olsen Twins Know How To Cook?

Erin Carlson
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So Elizabeth Olsen gave an interview in Marie Claire wherein the actress claims she and twin sibling-moguls, Mary-Kate and Ashley, cook a feast for the whole family during Christmas in Los Angeles.

"My sisters and I do most of the cooking because we love it," Olsen told the magazine in its December issue. "We jazz up the holidays with mashed cauliflower. It's so delicious; it's Mary-Kate's signature."

Immediate reaction: mashed cauliflower sounds good, although it is no worthy substitute for mashed potatoes. Second reaction: Mary-Kate has a "signature" dish? She cooks? Inconceivable! Perhaps we've watched too much "Very Mary Kate," and our perception of the Olsens is ridiculously skewed because of the ruthlessly funny web parody ... and now we have a mental image of the mini-tycoon asking her bodyguard to bring her a picture of a bagel.

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