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Taylor Swift Brings Brother To American Music Awards

Erin Carlson
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Rather than going solo -- or bringing her mom/BFF -- Taylor Swift brought her brother, Austin, as her date to Sunday's American Music Awards, where she picked up a trio of trophies (including Artist of the Year).

"It really was wonderful that my brother was here to see that," Swift told "Access Hollywood" backstage. "He's usually at college. He goes to college and just lives a completely different life than me. To take him into my world for a second, it made me feel really good to be winning."

The younger swift got to hang out with Jayden Smith (too cool to smile) and Selena Gomez (or is that her wax statue?) Also: is it just us or is Austin Swift a dead ringer for Gilbert Blythe from the 1980 "Anne of Green Gables" miniseries on PBS? What, you haven't seen it?! Maybe it's just us then.

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