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Rob Kardashian’s Awkward Response to Coming in Second Place

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After coming in second place on last night's live finale of "Dancing With the Stars," finalist Rob Kardashian delivered some slightly sore words immediately following his loss: "I'm definitely not sad. I won in my book."

Now before judging too harshly, let's be clear that the 24-year-old brother of Kim/Khloe/Kourtney said the above with a smile on his face and probably meant it jokingly. Still, it was an odd thing to say even in jest—clearly, it was one of the first things that came to his mind after losing to 28-year-old war veteran/actor/motivational speaker J.R. Martinez.

Now let's go ahead and judge harshly. Ultimately, that phrase just isn't something you want to hear coming from a silver-spoon-tainted mouth when the season's champion went through an almost-literal hell. While serving in the Iraq War, Martinez suffered severe burns to over 40% of his body. His infectious charm in spite of that setback has been a textbook case of inspiration--not to mention the fact that he had to relearn to walk, but still managed to be the most adept dancer of the season.

Then again, according to Kris Jenner, her son is a motivational figure of sorts. "He entered this competition as a boy," Jenner has told the cameras repeatedly. "What I see now is this man." Hmm… one would think graduating from USC two years ago would be a bigger watershed in his life, but for a family constantly captured by cameras for a living, perhaps this is a more important accomplishment.

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