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Report: Kris Humphries Called Kim ‘Fat’ And ‘Stupid’

Erin Carlson
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Since Kim Kardashian backlash is at an all-time high, what's the best strategy to combat the hate? Build a case against Kris Humphries. And it's a strong one, too. Us Weekly is reporting on its latest cover that the NBA player (unemployed due to the lockout) was the "HUSBAND FROM HELL" whose verbal abuse was too much for Kardashian to bear. According to the magazine's sources (aka Kamp Kardashian), "He belittled her in front of people. He'd call her stupid. It was truly sickening." He also called her a "fat ass" and when she complained about his late nights partying, he'd say "she was acting like too much of a wife and 'get over it.'"

This is also the guy who sniped on camera: "Four years ago, you sold clothes in the Valley."

If those cruel "fat" and "stupid" comments are true, than we can't really fault Kardashian for filing for divorce after 72 days of marriage. Humphries was clearly too immature to be a husband, and Kardashian too impulsive to notice his negative qualities.

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