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Report: Billy Crudup Is Dating Meryl Streep’s 25-Year-Old Daughter Grace Gummer

Erin Carlson
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Billy Crudup is known mainly for two things: playing Russell in "Almost Famous" ("I am a golden god!!!") and dumping a pregnant Mary-Louise Parker for Claire Danes (which made people really mad). He loves actress-y actresses so it's no surprise that he's reportedly dating the daughter of the most actress-y actress of them all.

Cue this jealous, grammatically incorrect headline from fan-generated celebrity blog Oh No They Didn't!: "beautiful 43 year old billy crudup dating so-so 25 year old Streep offpsring."

That would be Grace Gummer, second in line for mother Meryl Streep's acting throne behind older sister Mamie, 28, also a theater-loving thespian. Gummer and Crudup co-starred in the Broadway revival of Tom Stoppard's "Arcadia" earlier this year and have since been spotted out together in New York, acting all couple-y.

Good for them! But we have to wonder whether her Royal Streepness approves. (Crudup does have a history, after all.)

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