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Who Should Play Amanda Knox in the Inevitable Movie?

Erin Carlson
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...and her cinematic doppelganger. - Jesse Grant/WireImage

Now that Amanda Knox is off the hook and found not guilty of murder and getting the hell out of Italy, it is the perfect time to play this fun game: "Which actress should portray Amanda Knox in The Movie?"

Everything about the gripping lead-up to Monday's verdict is perfect fodder for the big screen. And no, we're not talking aboutLifetime's ripped-from-the-headlines TV intrepretation, "Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy," which ran earlier this year. That was horribly miscast with Hayden Panettiere in the lead role.

The Famous solicited non-Panettiere casting ideas from Tara Ariano and Lindsay Robertson, our shrewd and esteemed colleagues at The Set. While Robertson thought Ellen Page would be an excellent fit for Knox's squirrelly-cute intensity, Ariano suggested Isabel Lucas as a worthy candidate. 

Lucas, an Aussie actress whose credits include "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," has Knox's "youthful bushy eyebrows," notes Ariano. She's also got the 24-year-old's high cheekbones and freshfaced naivete. She's kind of perfect.

Are you listening, Hollywood?

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