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Olivia Wilde Not Pleased About Report Linking Her To Bradley Cooper

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Wilde may or may not be hangin' with Mr. Cooper. - Getty Images

While it's not unusual for celebrities to refute rumors about them, it's less common for them to target specific outlets.

Us Weekly ran a report today that Francophile Bradley Cooper and newly single Olivia Wilde are "definitely hooking up."

The item went on to cite an "insider" who claimed that, at a recent party for the "Hangover II," Wilde "acted jealous when other girls came up to him."

It continued: "She thought going with Bradley would make [rumored fling] JT jealous."

Well, Wilde isn't having it, tweeting this afternoon. "I think Us Weekly has the same sources who promised us WMDs in Iraq."

At least she has a sense of humor about it; however, not to be sticklers or anything, we will note she didn't actually deny the report directly.

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