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Matt Damon is Jealous of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Bald Head

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In what's got to be one of the sillier celebrity news stories as of late (and that's, obviously, saying something), some reporter asked Matt Damon -- currently bald for his role in the sci-fi thriller "Elysium" -- how his dome compares to that of Jake Gyllenhaal, who shaved his head for his part in "End of Watch."

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Damon in September. - Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

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Gyllenhaal in April. - Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images


"Wow, I try not to envy, but I have to say Jake's got a damn good-looking head," Damon told People. "He sure does have a beautiful round head."

Don't worry -- there's more!

"Normally you say, 'That's a beautiful head of hair, but that's a beautiful head he's got,'" Damon said "laughing." "Gyllenhaal definitely gets the blue ribbon for the best bald head over me."

We would make a joke about how someone better get on seeking a Gyllenhaal response ASAP but we're 99% sure there are like seven reporters who have actually already been told to do just that.

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