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Mariah Yeater Asking Justin Bieber To Take DNA Test

Erin Carlson
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Mariah Yeater is not letting Justin Bieber off the hook just yet. Although she reportedly dismissed her paternity lawsuit against the 17-year-old superstar, Yeater intends to continue her battle -- outside of the public eye.

"She believes Justin Bieber is the father. There's a new legal team. ... We're trying to secure a private DNA test, because this case is out of control," attorney Jeffery Leving tells Chicago's WGN-TV station.

"Negotiations are going on right now with Bieber's counsel," he says, adding: "My goal, when a DNA test is completed, is to keep everything confidential, which will be difficult if not impossible. I'm very concerned about this."

Bieber and his camp have totally denied Yeater's allegations. "Never met the woman," he said earlier this month in a damage-control interview on the "Today" show.

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