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Mariah Carey Cleared in Child Services Investigation

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Good news for Mimi. - Getty Images

In a kind of strange story, child services representatives stopped by the manse of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon yesterday to investigate an anonymous tip they had received that Carey drank a Guinness beer while she was breastfeeding in the hospital.

According to TMZ, a hospital staffer told Carey that consuming a dark beer would aid her lactation. Carey apparently followed this advice and was upfront about it, "never hiding the fact" that she downed the Guiness.

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services officials concluded there was no merit to the claim, stating Monroe and Moroccan were in a safe and healthy environment.

Meanwhile, we are kind of confused about this "anonymous tip" aspect of the story. Like, if we called child services and made up this whole thing that, let's say, we heard Jessica Alba was driving around Los Angeles with her daughter sitting on her lap in the driver's seat, would they just show up at her house and check it out? Seems weird. Anyway!

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