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Lindsay Lohan Turns Into a Vampire

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A work of art. A piece of work. - Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

Lindsay Lohan briefly morphed into a vampire (the sexy Halloween kind) for her photographer friend Tyler Shields' new exhibit "Life Is Not A Fairytale." Shields unveiled his artwork on Saturday night, so Lohan took a break from her court-ordered community service duties to attend the Big Reveal. She wore a black-and-white striped dress offset by white ruffles as a cheeky nod to the jailbird/Hollywood actress dichotomy -- but otherwise appeared uncharacteristically shy and hesitant while posing for photos. Maybe it's because the recovering trainwreck -- who'll soon be mopping floors at the L.A. County morgue -- was made to pose in front of a COFFIN, an eerie reality check that life is indeed not a fairytale where $3,000 necklaces grow on trees and starlets go on dangerous benders without owning the consequences.

How morbid is that?

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