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Lindsay Lohan Mistaken for Lady Gaga at Airport

The Famous: Watching the Watched

Usually when a person is mistaken for a celebrity, it's a flattering and nice thing. But when the person is Lindsay Lohan and the celebrity is Lady Gaga, it's... confusing?

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Lohan. - Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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Gaga. - Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Lohan was mistaken for the pop star at JFK airport in New York yesterday, which the Daily Mail interpreted as a dis, somehow, calling Lohan "once celebrated" and suggesting "the case of mistaken identity perhaps [acts] as an indicator of Linday's fall from grace."

If there's any conclusion to be made at all here, though, we think it's that the airline employee in question clearly needs to do a better job of keeping up with his or her Us Weeklys.

Lohan -- who was wearing skinny jeans, a white blazer and an orange scarf -- was apparently as perplexed as anyone by the error, as she tweeted, "What does it mean when an #americanairlines employee says 'ah! lady gaga!' to me #jfk airport!!? should i of bursted into Born This Way @ladygaga."

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