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LeAnn Rimes Will No Longer Speak About Her ‘Situation’

Erin Carlson
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Cibrian and Rimes, hugging it out in Las Vegas in September. - Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images

Public-service announcement: LeAnn Rimes is done talking about adultery.

The singer, who faced a bitter public backlash after leaving husband Dean Sheremet for actor Eddie Cibrian, has since stoked the outrage by giving no-regrets interviews with national magazines and ABC's Robin Roberts. (Just let it go, LeAnn! Put us out of your misery!). Today she tweeted, "I wish for peace." Then one of her followers responded: "maybe blowing up the tabloids by giving Robin Roberts sound-bytes...was not the best way to go about achieving...peace... ."

And so Rimes, always one to have the last word, tweeted this: "maybe if they wouldn't twist what I said and watch the whole interview then there would be understanding. I never said what THEY are putting in my mouth. I'm trying to talk past this, so my music is priority. This will be the last time I speak about this situation. Its sad that my honesty is being twisted, but I don't expect people to print the truth, that would be too....right!"

Going under the radar might be the best decision Rimes has made of late: That way, we wouldn't need to hear her play the victim card like a broken record. She cheated on Sheremet, and infidelity is a hot-button issue with many of Rimes' critics projecting their personal pain and experiences onto the singer.

She blames the tabloids (and by extension, the bloggy chorus of haters) for twisting her words but has not acknowledged why that might be: Because she does not regret her actions (cheating) and is happy with the result (Cibrian, her pretend fiance, who "proposed" earlier this week and, like his "fiance," tweeted the personal moment to the world).

In that respect, the resentment against Rimes is unsurprising; and instead of fueling the fire by talking too much, she should probably just zip it and focus on the music. And maybe take a break from the spotlight for a while. Otherwise, she's risking becoming The Most Hated Woman In America and/or The Next Kate Gosselin.

LeAnn Rimes Opens Up On Affair: 'What Happened Is Not Who I Am' [ABC News]

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