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Lady Gaga and Luc Carl are Back Together

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"They had a little fight." - Getty Images

Lady Gaga's love life has always taken a back seat to her other antics -- the music, the costumes, the videos -- and she makes a point of refusing to discuss it, recently telling Us Weekly that "sometimes [she] skirts questions" about her personal life.

So items about her love life always seem a little discordant with the larger-than-life Gaga we have come to know.

Yet, here's the latest:

The pop star is reportedly back together with Lu Carl, the bartender and musician whom she has dated on and off for years now.

The pair was thought to have broken up recently (Gaga told Graham Norton last month that she was single) but a source tells the magazine that "they are totally back together now."

"They had a little fight," the source said. "I think the breakup lasted a week or two."

If nothing else, this should give Gaga more fodder for songs like "You and I," her ballad about reconnecting with Carl.

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