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Kim Kardashian Flies Solo as ‘Batman’ Character

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Kim Kardashian as "Batman" character, Poison Ivy (Bennett Raglin/WireImage)

Although the never-ceasing rumor mill has it that the just-wed Kim Kardashian is suffering from a very early case of the Seven-Year Itch, Kim evoked the calamine-lotion-necessitating scratch on Halloween when she dressed up at "Batman" bad-gal Poison Ivy.

Taking fashion cues from Uma Thurman's costume in the much maligned 1997 "Batman & Robin" film, Kim donned a blazing red wig, villainous eye accoutrements and a leafy-green mess of a dress that emphasized her curves.

It seems like the horticultural warning "leaves of three, let them be" was enough to keep hubby Kris Humphries away from his new wife -- the basketballer was nowhere to be seen at the Halloween bash.

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Uma Thurman as "Ivy" in "Batman & Robin" (Warner Bros)

Nevertheless, Kim insisted there was nothing sinister about Kris' absence. "I'm going to Australia tomorrow so I'm in New York alone tonight. I really prepared Kris for [these rumors], to let him know that no matter what we do, there's going to be rumors," she explained. "It used to really upset me and now I don't even think about it."

It is worth noting that Kim's sexy Halloween costume this season is a far cry from 2009's pre-Humphries Princess Jasmine costume which showed far more skin. So maybe Kim did decide to cover up a bit—for a Kardashian—in deference to her absent husband.

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