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Katy Perry Isn’t Pregnant, She Just Likes to Eat Like a Normal Person

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Be still, baby-buzzing Internet community: Katy Perry is not with child. She just enjoys tacos, burgers and beer.

After an appearance at MTV's European Music Awards put fans on Perry baby-bump watch, the record-setting singer set her own story straight with startling candor.

"I like In-N-Out burger and Taco Bell," she told Insider. "If you want to make that pregnant then that's your problem."

In a size-obsessed culture that leaves many female stars hypersensitive about their weight, it's impressive to hear someone who isn't ashamed to eat a Double-Double burger or a Cheesy Gordita. And she's right: if the ever-so-slight bump in these pictures makes you think "bun in the oven," then you should panic because it appears that more than half of the nation's women will be giving birth in the next year.

Although she recently told Ellen DeGeneres she "would love to have children" with husband Russell Brand, she reiterated that a brood of Perry-Brands isn't currently in the works. Her explanation for that was also rather blunt: "I still like drinking alcohol."

While Gaga believes "pop stars should not eat" and Taylor Swift thinks drinking is "not cute," it's refreshing to hear someone unequivocally admit to being, well, a normal human being who enjoys tacos and the occasional adult beverage.

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