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Jennifer Aniston Captured In Awkward Moment With Justin Theroux

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A rare display of Celebrity Side-Eye. - Jordan Strauss/WireImage

We could show you a nice, normal photo of Jennifer Aniston sandwiched between new boyfriend Justin Theroux and old fling Jason Sudeikis. But this one, snapped candidly at an MTV Movie Awards after-party, is the winning image, folks. The photographer, Jordan Strauss, deserves a Pulitzer for this masterpiece. It is golden, and like all memorable images, tells a story. And the story here is clearly, "This is awkward. What are they saying? I hope Jason doesn't sabotage me! Arghhhhhh." Or, alternately: "DON'T YOU DARE KISS JASON SUDEIKIS." 

Not that the award-winning actress has anything to worry about: on their way out, Theroux reportedly grabbed Aniston's butt and kissed her. We're glad someone is finally grabbing her butt. 

Also, why is she wearing 17 tank tops?

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