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Gwyneth Paltrow Short Shrifts ‘Star Trek’ With False TV History Tidbit

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Not that we expect Gwyneth Paltrow to be a card-carrying Trekkie, but we might expect her to know a tad more about TV history.

Speaking on a "Black Voices" video series on Huffington Post, Paltrow told former record executive Steve Stoute about the limited racial integration she witnessed growing up in Santa Monica, CA.

"I think the most 'tanning' that I saw during that phase of my life was my dad, [who] created, wrote and directed a TV show called 'The White Shadow' about a white basketball coach teaching basketball in an inner-city school," Paltrow said, speaking of her late father Bruce Paltrow's CBS drama that ran from 1978-1981. "That show that he did—I mean, obviously we were there a lot, but it was interesting to see that culturally start to permeate. And he did a lot of 'firsts' on that show. He had the first interracial kiss ever. It was a good show."

Whoa, Gwynnie, let's slow down to impulse speed for a second: "The White Shadow" certainly was a forward-thinking TV series for it's day, but "Star Trek" had the first interracial kiss nearly ten years earlier. Apparently, Gwyneth doesn't go for the sci-fi.

William Shatner (as Captain Kirk) and Nichelle Nichols (as Lt. Uhuru) shared an onscreen kiss back in 1968, and it was one the actors had to fight for. During filming, NBC got cold-feet about airing a white man kissing a black woman and had the director shoot two versions of the scene--one with the kiss and one without. Intent on having an interracial lip-lock on TV for the first time, Nichols and Shatner made sure the non-kiss take of the scene would be unusable (Shatner went as far as to cross his eyes).

So while Bruce Paltrow (who would later go on to produce "St. Elsewhere") certainly was a progressive-minded figure in the '70s TV landscape, you gotta give it credit where credit is due, in this case, Gene Roddenberry's take on the 23rd century back in 1968.

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