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Famed ‘Glee’ Photos Are ‘Gift That Keeps On Giving’

Erin Carlson
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The GQ cover that started a frenzy. - GQ/Terry Richardson

Those "controversial" and "sexy" photos of Glee's Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith that had the country setting bonfires and running through the streets a couple of weeks ago?

Unsurprisingly, they were internet gold for

The site, which typically generates about 2.5 million pageviews for popular stories in their first week, received 33 million pageviews for the "Glee" pictures in the first week they were on the site. Calling them the "gift that keeps on giving," magazine VP publisher Peter King Hunsinger said GQ plans to post behind-the-scenes video of the shoot this week.

When the Parents Television Council finds out about this they'll probably undergo cardiac arrest. Filled With 'Glee' [MediaWeek]

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