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What Did Ali Lohan Do To Her Face?

Erin Carlson
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Ali in 2009... - Gary Gershoff/WireImage

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...and 2011. - Splash News

The first thing Ali Lohan did when she got signed to a modeling agency was obtain ... an entirely new face?

The 17-year-old sister of Lindsay and daughter of Dina stepped out in Beverly Hills yesterday looking, in all honesty, like a surgically altered version of her former self. Lohan's lips and cheeks appear fuller and her nose narrowed and tweaked. Her eyebrows are bushier and more defined, exuding that '80s Brooke Shields quality that's trendy this moment. She looks shockingly skinny, as if attempting to mimic the lanky, size-00 frame of a high-fashion runway model.

Vh1's The Fab Life notes:"We'd love to believe her almost-unrecognizable new face is due to somesculpting makeup, Lip Venom and masterful eyebrow threading, but we'reskeptical."

There's plenty of reason to be. 

Lohan inked a contract with NEXT Model Management last month, and it appears she's taking her new career path very, very seriously. Like, "I'm gonna go out and get a face transplant" seriously.

In the name of Heidi Montag, someone please tell Hollywood to handcuff Dina Lohan and outlaw underage plastic surgery while they're at it because another naive, misguided Lohan girl has become catnip to the snarking interwebs. Quips the Best Week Ever blog: "Maybe now that she's a model, Ali has decided to exchange being cute with, like, paying tribute to Michael Jackson by ... becoming him?"

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