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BREAKING: Gwyneth Joins Facebook, Twitter

The gods of social networking are shining down on her critics: Gwyneth Paltrow, everyone's favorite celebrity to mock, is now on Facebook and Twitter. Which means the blogosphere will have more material to work with (like a lot of people, we have a love/hate relationship with Paltrow: she's fearless and kind of adorable, but sometimes cringingly clueless and out of touch!).

As an introduction, Gwynnie posted this video of her walking, talking and searching for a cab on the streets of New York:

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Gwyneth Paltrow on WhoSay

Commenters on Facebook seem to like it, given all the "awesomes!" Someone named Jerry Winn posted a cutting observation: "Looking for a cab? Something about that strikes me as odd."

You read our minds, Jerry, you read our minds.

On that note, we'd love to see a clip of that.

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