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The Breakdown: The ‘Twilight’ Kids Are All Grown Up (In The Best Way Possible)

Erin Carlson
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Soon the "Twilight" trio -- Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner -- will graduate from the blockbuster franchise that made them international superstars. When the first movie premiered in 2008, the gang was woefully unprepared for the fame game: Pattinson came off like a neurotic mess with unwashed Edward Scissorhands hair; Stewart could not seemingly get through a talk-show interview without fidgeting and pulling sulky Ally Sheedy-in-"Breakfast Club" faces; and Lautner, aka He of The Blindingly White Teeth, was more or less overshadowed by Pattinson-mania.

Three years later, the three co-stars -- seen here getting stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame -- have transformed into more grown-up, healthier-looking versions of themselves.

Let's break it down:

Pattinson: The inspiration for Jimmy Fallon's "Robert Is Bothered" sketches -- those are never not funny -- finally appears confident, well-groomed and comfortable in his own skin. He's got a hot career, a girlfriend with whom he's in love (that would be K-Stew) and he seems to no longer fear the spotlight. (That was our theory about R-Patz: that he suffered from acute low self-esteem, and as such, felt he did not deserve success! Yes, we're over-thinking it.)

Stewart: The awkward anti-starlet underwent a surprising personality makeover this past year. She always seemed physically incapable of being "fake" -- and we loved that about her -- but her steely reserve and quirky behavior did not exactly endear her to the public. While on the 2011 "Twilight" promotional trail, Stewart traded her Converse and Hot Topic grungewear for trendy, Us Weekly-approved dresses and -- miraculously -- a smile. The smile really makes a difference.

Lautner: Early on, "Twilight" producers wanted to fire the formerly lanky young star and replace him with someone who could more easily evoke Jacob's werewolf brawn. Then Lautner got crazy-buff, and even prettier than Pattinson. (Some older women noticed, uncomfortably. Even Mark Wahlberg noticed.) Lautner stopped dressing in Sunday-school garb and began emulating the slick, tailored styles of action film-oriented A-listers like Tom Cruise and Matt Damon. Well done, Tay-Tay, well done.

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