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The Breakdown: Blake Lively’s Hot Mess Dress

Erin Carlson
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The CW Network threw a party for the 100th episode of "Gossip Girl," and as always, Blake Lively showed up wearing something A) unabashedly sexy and B) clearly calculated to make her stand out from other starlets.

But this fringe-y frock -- a strange, hot mess from Marchesa -- make Lively's past risky ensembles appear downright G-rated by comparison.

Let's break it down:

The Dress: "Oh, this little old thing?" Showgirl chic. Garish yet pretty. Meant to make jaws drop, men swoon and media outlets take notice. Cue this headline: "XfugXfug, Gossip Fug." She wants that reaction. It keeps her in the headlines.

The Shoes: A tasteful, non-tacky length to offset the Vegas tackiness and confusing elements of the weird, weird dress. Which, come to think of it, resembles a castoff from Kristin Cavallari's wardrobe on "Dancing With the Stars." The heels, too. Oh, now we get it: Lively is totally sending subliminal messages to "DWTS" producers through her outfit. It screams, "CAST ME."

The Date: Nowhere to be found. Lively, who's reportedly dating Ryan Reynolds, left her man at home to walk the carpet solo, as they haven't officially come out as a couple yet. This has the effect of building more public intrigue into the status of Lively's relationship with Reynolds. "Where's Ryan?" wondered the red-carpet reporters corralled inside the "media pen," before getting hit in the face with Lively's cleavage.

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