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The Breakdown: Ashton Kutcher Is Trying to Tell Us Something

Erin Carlson
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Ashton Kutcher/Twitter

Divorces are hard. Getting divorced over the holidays is harder. Like Kris Humphries escaping to Minnesota, like a Cameron Crowe movie with an undercurrent of melancholy, Ashton Kutcher hopped on a plane to spend Thanksgiving -- and return to reality -- in his home state of Iowa. And because Kutcher is a chronic oversharer, he tweeted a photo metaphor so we're all informed on what is happening with him psychologically.

Thanks, Ashton!

Let's break it down:

The Outfit: Kutcher's knit cap, plaid shirt and red cardigan serve to show that the flashy, ubiquitous "Two and a Half Men" star is, at his core, Down To Earth, Low Maintenance and One With The People.

The Beard: "I am in transition, and have done some very stupid things, and am re-evaluating my life choices, and it's cold in Iowa City. So I decided not to shave. Do I look soulful? I'm going for 'Orlando Bloom in 'Elizabethtown.'"

The Cow: The lone beast on the grassy knoll is a symbol evoking Kutcher's Midwestern roots, with which he is connecting. The distance between Kutcher and the cow suggests that the 33-year-old actor had lost his way, gotten too sucked into the shallow vortex of Hollywood and fame and investing in startup companies. It will take a while, but he'll eventually return to who he was before all that: a nice guy from America's heartland.

Then he went out for a few drinks with the guys, winding up in his other happy place: a mosh pit of girls.

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