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‘Boycott Kim Kardashian’ Petition Has More Than 100,000 Signatures

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Further evidence America is fed up with the Kardashians: a petition boycotting the fame-grubbing family has attracted more than 100,000 signatures from people who really, really want to see them disappear.

Its name: "No More Kardashian," which says it all really, and the willingness of people to sign it signals that the empire could be -- in an especially apt k-word, via Celebitchy -- on the verge of "krumbling." A sister website, called Boycott Kim, has sprung from the grassroots petition, protesting the Kardashians' various products and commercial ventures. "Do Not Shop Or Buy These Brands," the site demands, rallying the haters. (Now we feel, like, totally guilty about purchasing Khloe and Lamar's unisex "Unbreakable" cologne as a holiday stocking stuffer.)

With Kim Kardashian in hiding on the set of a Tyler Perry movie for which she's making her big-screen debut (with the help of Nicole Kidman's acting coach, heh), siblings Khloe and Kourtney are keeping up appearances. On Wednesday, the sisters made cameos at a bookstore in New Jersey to promote their first novel, "Dollhouse," which we all know they didn't write themselves. Celebuzz has an posted an extremely brief excerpt, featuring a character who's clearly a thinly veiled version of Kourtney, mother of toddler-son Mason:

Kass pulled the instructions out of the box and read the tiny print once, twice, three times. She wanted to make sure to do this right. Pee on the stick? How was she supposed to pee on something so small? But, whatever. She pulled down her panties and positioned the stick. And started to pee. And stopped to inspect the stick. And started to pee again, stick in place. Was she doing this right?
… She checked her watch and started timing.
She glanced at her watch. Thirty seconds to go. Then twenty. Then ten…
Taking a deep breath, she looked at the white pee stick lying on the counter.

Suspense! But we already know the entire plot, thanks to the family's E! reality franchise, which now faces extinction amid brewing backlash.

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